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Our 12 steps workflow is a quality assurance tool for our clients and our candidates. It is a garantee of negotiation, mediation and assessments to avoid you to waste time or listen to recruitment agencies excuses. No fluff, just a transaprent partnership with clear conditions. Like the opportunity you offer to talents.

Our unique mix of consultants' experience and technology is a certified methodology to add speed and innovation to the recruitment process. We implemented AI, digital workflows, sentiment analysis to boost engagement, fast pace and let your brand shine for the candidate experience.

Thanks to our unique Applicant Tracking system and CRM, data in recruitment is not a secret any longer. At any time, we are able to provide you a detailed report of candidate conversion, conversations, invitations, application and all the other data coming from human interactions.

Even in case of struggle on some very niche profiles, we are able to export and analyse with you data for you and your hiring managers to understand what to improve in your job description or employment conditions.

Recruiting with RED. is beneficial not only for your new hires but is also a great chance to understand and map talents and skills within your company and truly get through the local labor markets'conditions, you organization's selling points and your challenges.

Every recruitment process is a great occasion for quickly benchmarking your organisation competitiveness in the global war for talents, understanding your next move and eventually planning your next 3-5 years range hiring strategy in a globalised economy.

Timeline for success

Our multi-step recruitment process

We apply the strictest quality control at every stage.

1. Your inquiry

You can contact us via email or phone. We get back to you in 24hrs.

2. Listening your needs

Tell us all about your company culture, your needs, your goals

3. Our questions

We try to put ourselves in candidates'shoes. What they would ask you?

4. Candidate pool check

Once a picture is clear we already start to stimulate our candidates'pool

5. Offer and T&Cs

A tailor-made offer and conditions are presented to you in 48 hours 

6. Agree & Activate

After signing we immediately activating our sourcing channels

7. Prescreen & Interview

Candidates go through manual and digital workflows that ensures a reciprocal exchange of information

8. Shortlist

We start already to forward you candidates within 1 to 3 weeks

9. Client interview

Let us take care of organising and discussing the best timeslot. If needed, we take part too

10. Debrief-Brainstorm

Give us your feedback, help us to improve and adjust our aim

11. Hire

Sending an offer, helping salary negotiations, clarifying Labor Law aspects? We are here to support as partners.

12. Monitoring

Nurturing your new talents and making sure they receive the right attentions and training? Our secret for success!

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How RED. Recruitment applies technology to hiring?

After prescreening 50 candidate per day have you realised how mnay are really picking up the phone, how many are really remembering the information you provide and how many recruiters are you loosing for burn-out? We tackle these issues with technology. Nowadays we are all fully immersed in oour jobs and sadly comunication is more and more happening through a phone screen with short sentences with audio and video messages. Our calendars are managed online and they dictate the course of our days. We decided to leverage this mechanism to operate where possible the same technologies and new generation communication style to our pre-screening process. Harvard Business reviews show that this is a great way to assess digital skills, openness to share details, written and oral communication skills, language skills and much more.

Our recruitment process is only partially automatised and technology is a great tool to cover information provisioning and collection but behind every gamification process there is a Senior Consultant supervision ready to step in to communicate with candidates. You won't miss great talents for a technology failure but we want our recruiters to focus where they can really make the difference: spending quality time with clients and candidates.

In order to provide the best quality service, we need to audit your new hire plan needs and conditions. We operate in 18 different countries in at least 20 industries all with different talent capacity, different unemployment rates and economy drivers. In addition, every organization and job role is different from eachother and will require a different commitment.

We certainly do and it is usually based on job role categories or levels and it is always specified in our contracts. If under the warranty period, the recruited candidate will leave your organization, for reasons not connected to local Labor code and European Union's  regulations breaches, we provide a free replacement. For more details, always check our T&Cs in your contract.

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