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Our Network

We can count on an extensive network of professionals in the Central and Southern European region.

Market knowledge

Our intense activities in the region let us have a good full picture and a benchmark of your conditions and efforts to search, select and retain top talents.

Our Experience

We work in HR consulting in the region since more than 10 years covering state and other areas of Europe.

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Our team, our operations and our network.

Our team is growing month by month with new young and dynamic recruiters and we have 6 experienced consultants that decided to cofound RED. Recruitment fully committed to grow something special and unique in the industry of HR services taking their engagement to the next level. Because we believe we do have a mission to change the world of work, we are constantly scouting international new talents ito join our team of superheroes. If interested, please send us your application through generic applications at our career page. To start, you can also decide to be simply part of our Talent acquisition crowdsourced community and get a feel on how we work together with external recruiters for mutual success.

Why recruiting with RED.?

  • Trust a team of recruitment experts
  • Rely on top sourcing tools without having to buy them or even use them
  • Stop listening to excuses about how bad the market is nowadays
  • Get advices on the best employment format and hiring strategies per country

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Our consultants will receive your initial recruitment requisition and will contact you within 24hrs for a quick call.
It is extremely important for us to have an initial conversation with you and/or your hiring managers to better interpret positions requirements and set clear expectations. An offer can only be tendered with a clear understanding of your needs and the efforts our recruitment team will need to find your new company members.