Top places in Budapest to organise a Team Building activity in 2023

  • September 7th, 2023
Top places in Budapest to organise a Team Building activity in 2023

In the fast-paced world of corporate life combined with the wide adoption of remote work practices in countries like Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and other Central European locations, fostering strong bonds among employees holds significant importance. Organizing teambuilding events alongside work can significantly improve employee retention, lead to a more productive and harmonious workforce, and promote socialization. Budapest, with its rich cultural heritage and vibrant atmosphere, provides an excellent environment for such activities. In this blog post, we will introduce four locations in Budapest where HR managers or hiring managers can organize their next teambuilding events in 2023.


Imagine a place where art and technology merge to create a captivating experience for employees. HR managers looking to infuse creativity and innovation into their events should consider IKONO. IKONO offers employees a unique opportunity to explore the world of art and interact with various installations. It allows employees to break free from the routine of the workplace and express themselves in a creative museum like IKONO. Such events can rejuvenate the corporate atmosphere by enhancing communication among colleagues.

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  • Encourages creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Fosters collaboration and teamwork.
  • Provides a unique environment for communication and socialization among employees.

Museum of Sweets and Selfies

What could be more enjoyable than team-building around sweets and selfies? The Museum of Sweets and Selfies in Budapest offers an intriguing destination for employee fun. This museum takes visitors on a journey through a candy-themed wonderland, providing colorful backgrounds and quirky costumes for capturing unforgettable selfies. Fun activities like those at the Museum of Sweets and Selfies can reduce employee stress and help them break free from the intensity of work. Additionally, the team-building experience can strengthen bonds among employees.

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Why Museum of Sweets and Selfies?

  • Provides a fun environment for employees to bond.
  • Boosts team morale through entertainment.
  • Offers special packages for corporate events.

Light Art Museum

The Light Art Museum offers a fun and enlightening way to build teams. This museum is filled with interactive light installations and artworks. Employees can come together in this unique setting to solve puzzles or play games, fostering stronger relationships among colleagues. The interactive light installations at the Light Art Museum allow employees to gain different perspectives, promoting effective collaboration among corporate teams.

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Why Light Art Museum?

  • Sparks creativity and encourages employees to see events from different angles.
  • Promotes a deeper understanding of the interaction between art and technology.
  • Enhances teamwork as participants collaborate to decipher artistic messages.

Hungarian Money Museum

The Hungarian Money Museum, located at the Hungarian National Bank, not only tells the history of money and displays currencies from various countries but also allows visitors to explore the world of finance through interactive games and visual content. Your employees can explore this world, engage in interactive games, and have a great time. After visiting the museum, there's also a fantastic panoramic terrace on the top floor of the building where you can enjoy a drink and the view. Employees can have fun and gain financial knowledge and awareness, which can be beneficial in the corporate world.

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Why Hungarian Money Museum?

  • Provides a great environment for team collaboration.
  • Offers an enjoyable way to understand the world of money and finance.
  • Museum visits are free (advance booking required).

When organizing social events, HR managers should think outside the box to enhance employee retention and improve relationships among colleagues. Budapest, with its captivating places and experiences, provides an ideal environment for HR managers looking to achieve these goals. If you are an HR manager and are looking for a place to plan events for your colleagues or just to hire motivated and qualified employees, contact us: