Job application strategies for candidates

  • July 27th, 2023
Job application strategies for candidates

Finding a good, relevant job is one of the hardest tasks someone can do and it is not easy at all! You are putting too many efforts for finding jobs, checking the job description, applying with your CV and sometimes with your cover letter, and finally maybe having interviews with them. In this blog post, we will discuss essential tips that can help you to stand out from others and to behave professionally before, during and after applying for any jobs to increase your chance of getting hired.

Make sure you have the requirements for that job

Before diving into the job application process, carefully assess the requirements and qualifications of the positions you're interested in. Ensure that your skills and experience are in line with what employers in Austria and Hungary seek. On average, recruiters spend only 6 seconds scanning a CV before deciding whether to move forward with a candidate or not. Tailoring your application to match the job requirements significantly improves your chances of receiving interview calls, as it shows that you are a suitable fit for the role.

Keep an eye on your phone and emails

Responsiveness is key during the job application process. After applying for a position, keep a close eye on your phone and email. Employers and recruiters might prefer to schedule interviews or follow up through these channels. According to recent surveys, 82% of recruiters expect candidates to respond within a day or two after initial contact. Delayed responses or missed calls may convey disinterest and lead employers to consider other candidates. By promptly replying to communication from potential employers, you demonstrate professionalism and eagerness for the opportunity.

Keep track of your applications

With multiple job applications in progress, it's easy to lose track of your submissions. Stay organized by creating a simple spreadsheet or using job search platforms to monitor your applications. Keep track of important details such as the company name, position applied for, application date, and any follow-up actions taken. Did you know that 67% of job seekers believe that a lack of organization can lead to missed opportunities? Staying organized ensures a proactive approach and allows you to follow up on applications when necessary.

Contact the job poster on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool that can help you connect with potential employers in Austria and Hungary. After applying for a job, search for the company's recruiters or hiring managers on LinkedIn. Crafting a polite and professional message expressing your interest in the position can leave a positive impression. According to LinkedIn statistics, candidates who engage with recruiters on the platform are 4 times more likely to be hired. Focus on conveying enthusiasm for the role and your desire to discuss your qualifications further.

Send also generic applications to recruitment agencies

While applying directly to companies is essential, don't overlook the potential of recruitment agencies. Many companies prefer to work with recruiters to find suitable candidates, especially for specialized positions. Sending generic applications to reputable recruitment agencies in your industry can increase your visibility and open up more opportunities for you. Make sure your resume and cover letter are tailored to highlight your skills and experiences. For example, at RED. Recruitment you can search among the vacancies we have on our website for different countries especially in Hungary, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania and so many other countries. You can apply directly for that position, and one of our recruiters will check your application and if we think you are a good fit, we invite you to the next step of this process. Statistics show that 72% of candidates who partner with recruitment agencies find jobs faster than those who apply directly to companies.


In the competitive job market, getting noticed by potential employers can be challenging. By staying proactive, organized, and responsive, you can increase your chances of receiving that important call for an interview. Be patient and persistent, and remember that finding the right job often takes time. With the tips mentioned above, you can put your best foot forward in your job search journey and land the opportunity you've been waiting for. You can start looking for jobs from our job openings at RED. Recruitment that we have right now and try your best shot. Good luck!