Empowering Women in Central East Europe: A Spotlight on Female Leadership

  • July 4th, 2023
Empowering Women in Central East Europe: A Spotlight on Female Leadership

In today's evolving corporate landscape, achieving gender diversity and equality in leadership roles is a crucial aspect of fostering inclusive and sustainable organizations. This article delves into the topic of women's presence in management within Central East Europe, specifically examining recruitment practices, executive search strategies, and the significance of confidential searches in promoting the representation of skilled women in leadership positions. By exploring data and statistics from countries such as Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania, and beyond, we aim to shed light on the current state of gender diversity in management and highlight the progress being made.

Recruitment Practices

Recruitment serves as the foundation for building diverse and inclusive management teams. Traditional hiring methods often perpetuate gender imbalances, prompting the need for proactive strategies that attract and retain skilled women. In Central East Europe, several organizations have begun prioritizing gender diversity initiatives in their recruitment processes. For instance, companies are adopting innovative measures such as blind resume screenings, removing gender-biased language from job descriptions, and implementing diversity quotas to ensure a fair representation of women in their candidate pools.

Pay gap in Executive & Management roles

The gender pay gap continues to be a pressing issue across the European Union (EU), and it's not just limited to a disparity in wages. As of 2021, women in the EU earn, on average, 13.0% less per hour than men. This discrepancy has seen little to no significant improvement over the past decade. Executive search firms play a vital role in closing this gap, especially by focusing on the recruitment of skilled women for leadership roles. Moreover, these firms are making strides in Central East Europe, where they are actively sourcing women candidates through targeted networking, comprehensive market research, and talent mapping.

The gender employment gap stood at 10.8% in 2021, with 67.7% of women across the EU being employed compared to 78.5% of men. The reasons behind these disparities are complex and multifaceted, ranging from sectoral segregation and the unequal distribution of paid and unpaid work to the proverbial glass ceiling and outright pay discrimination. Executive search agencies are combatting these issues with confidential searches, which provide anonymity and protect the privacy of candidates. These confidential searches empower women executives to pursue new career opportunities without fear of jeopardizing their current roles or encountering biases. The road to gender parity in the workforce is fraught with challenges, but with the right tools and approaches, progress is attainable.

Statistics on Women's Representation in Management

To gain a deeper understanding of the current state of women's presence in management, let's examine some data and numbers from Central East Europe countries:

  • Latvia and Poland: The largest share of women at managerial positions in Q3 2020 was recorded in Latvia (45%) and Poland (44%).
  • Bulgaria, Hungary, and Slovenia: Women's representation on boards for these three countries was recorded 42%. 
  • Romania and Slovakia: Female representation in executive roles is approximately 37% for Romania and 36% for Slovakia.
  • Asutria, Czech Republic and Croatia: At the opposite end of the scale, women account for management positions for 34% in Austria, 29% in Czech Republic, and 24% in Croatia (only around a quarter of managers).

Progress and Initiatives

Despite the existing gender disparities, Central East European countries have witnessed positive developments in promoting women's presence in management. Various initiatives are being implemented to empower women, such as mentorship programs, leadership development initiatives, and networking platforms. Additionally, organizations are recognizing the value of diversity and its positive impact on decision-making, innovation, and overall business performance.

Empowering your organization with hiring skilled women

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